Winter, into the white

Essential white. That’s winter at Stadel Soussun. The day onthe snow has no beginning and no end. There is no timetables, no transfer timesand no crowds. Just you and the mountain. Ski until the door of the chalet,walk into the snow-covered woods: every kind of winter activity is availableright in front of your door. And bynight indulge in the warm protection of the old chalet.

There are many ways to experience these mountains in winter,by yourself or with the Monte Rosa Mountain Guides.

Spring, nature awakening

At the high altitudes, spring has different faces. Winter isreluctant to leave this high lands and yet the sun is getting warmer every dayand the nature is awakening. The skiers enjoy longer days and mildtemperatures. Spring means freeride and ski touring at their best. For thosewho search relax and indulgence, nothing is better than walking in the sun orsimply getting a tan in the Stadel Soussun dehor.

  • Spring ski
  • Ski Touring in spring: the high altitudes
  • Transhumance in June: going up to the summer pastures.

Summer, high life

In summertime the mountain is even more accessible. From thegrass fields around the village to the highest peaks and the glaciers, yourchoice is limitless. Many high walks and tours cross the village, like Alta Vian.1 or the Walser track, wich follows the original migration route of theancient mountain people. To provide a total mountain experience, Stadel Soussunorganizes activities together with the local Mountain Guides.

  • The Alta Via n.1
  • The Walser track
  • Mountain Bike tracks

Fall, a paradise of peace

Fall at Stadel Soussun. The colours are unique, the air isbright and crispy, never too cold under the sunlight. Everything goes slower, waitingfor the winter to come. The mountain in fall shows its most fascinating side,and the visitor at Stadel Soussun has the perfect opportunity to enjoy it: allthe tracks are still open, with nobody around. It’s just you and the mountain.