Dedication, passion, heart

A small village nested in the mountains, relives now thanksto the dedication and commitment of its owner. A precious historical heritagebecomes an holiday experience. Live the true alpine tradition and feel the soulof its people.

Tradition and innovation

Thanks to the experience and the creativity of a craftman, this authentic pearl relives. Tradition means that everything here has been kept as it was, from the framework to the materials that have been reused. Innovation means new living spaces created without altering the original structure. Comfort of today in a place from yesterday.

Mountain soul

Here the mountain is the master. At Stadel Soussun, you feelin touch with the mountain and your life starts following its rythm. Winter,Spring, Summer, Fall. Every season  hasits own pace, and you will discover that is so easy to follow it. At StadelSoussun you will live the mountain like you’ve always lived here.

Our philosophy in images