First interventions

The first interventions were the underpinning on the perimeter walls, the excavations for the formation of an area of ​​ventilation and heating system under the floor. In the area behind the basement it was to dig the rock to derive additional rooms as the lift and services. All this strictly leaving unchanged the external structure of the rascard.


The place was originally used as a stable. The flooring has been performed with stone slabs retrieved from the building, hand cut. The adoption of unsistema floor heating allows a homogeneous distribution of heat.

Middle floor.

It ‘been used the uniqueness of this rascard, which consists in the space of aeration particularly wide between the brick and the wood above, supported by the typical mushroom (wooden pillars with a hard stone interposed). This space has been isolated from the outside and now houses the reception area of ​​the hotel.

Upper floor.

The last level housed the space called “Ages”, “Ciamberal” and “Ciambrette” in patois, the local dialect. From these premises we have been converted rooms: all the floors and the internal fittings, made of spruce and larch, were recovered from the structure, brushed, treated and rested. Even coatings of perimeter and internal divisions were made with planks and beams recovered from the original structure.